Exalted - Three Tales

black milk

While in town logan received word a writtern invitation to meet somone of import at a pub a couple of days walk from the town. Curios he ventured forth to the pub where he met a stunningly beautifal woman called eowyn, and an over dressed city boy called iron mountain. That night we were attacked in the pub. Already awake logan got the drop on the attackers and followed a trail to where eyown and iron mountain had been taken. In a clearing not far from the inn there stood a rotting tree with some fornm of cultists about to sacrifice eowyn. A fight followed and some of uthe cultists drank something which gave them great strength. Iron mountain showed his skills at martial arts. We fought the cultist and the blood ape they summoned we returned to town with the cult leader


Joedylan2000 lomas_ip

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