Exalted - Three Tales

giant snake

whilst eowyen was socialising with the goddes of Rathas
logan was fnding out all he could of the possible behmouth.
the party travelled out into the forest with the dragon king and 3 dragon warriors expecting it to be a three day walk to where the dragon warrior party had dissapeared. after atwo days travel at about midnight iron mountain who was on watch heard a noise and witnessed a dragon warrior walk towarss the siund speak whiv was later translated by eowyen to be saying “whats that it loooks lika door …. it so beautifull” then disaoeared believd to have been eaten by what is assumed to be a giant snake like creature although when the tracks left by ge creature it appeared as if ge snake had no tail . they continued on to a small village nearby. a villagee that shiuld have been inhabitated by tree dwellers was found emoty. when looking with spirit detecting glance eowyen spoke with the lical god who was upset that the villagers had left and told eowyen that the snqke started appearing and eTing the villagers shortly after some of them had taken an artifact from a cave. some villagers had left to return this artifact but they bever came back ti the village so assumed they were unsuccesfull.


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