Exalted - Three Tales

The Hunt of Blackwall

While at a party at Eyowen house I over heard a rich merchant talking about his wish that there was a stop over point further down river. And that all that was needed to make it happen was for someone to kill the beast of blackwall. I asked the merchant about the beast and my desire grew more here was a hunt worthy of my name. I offered to take ewoyen and Iron mountain along for the fun. We all shipped out together and headed to blackwall. On the way we were beset by goblins which we quickly dispatched. While searching the ruins we were set upon by demonic spiders. Once again we made short work of them. But were poisoned. That night our sleep was disturbed by nightmares. we all awoke, in a strange room, we wandered out of the room into a strange ruin. we wandered the ruin and found a secure center that only those with the mark of an exalted could enter. in the secure center we found a minor goddess of this facility that has not been used since the first age. a fey of some kind was trying to break into the facility, Eyowen negotiated a settlement that allowed the fey to dispose of some dangerous materials for us and leave the place alone. in return the goddess gave us the facility, on the condition that she becomes the goddess of the town that will be built here when we killed the beast of blackwall. we left most of the salvage from the facility under the goddesses care and went out to hunt the beast. we found it down by the river bank. it turned out to be a wild mutated lunar with a lot of power. the beast was difficault to kill, but we managed to kill it. we returned with itts pelt to the city and claimed our quarter tanet of jade. i also offered my services setting up the new town.


Joedylan2000 lomas_ip

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