Ranek Dar

Reawoken Dragon King


a Dragon king who we revived in Rathass

we are aiding him in restoring the dragon kings of Rathass to their former wisdom

he has some connection to Logans, or his exaltation’s previous incarnations

Ranak Dar was one of a handful of civilised Dragon Kings who entered magical stasis when the Great Contagion overcame the city. His essence is well developed and he remembers many of his past lives.

He is a Terrestrial circle sorcerer of some small skills and is familer with much of the Dragon Kings vegative and crystal magitech. He now works with the ‘sentient’ dragon kings of the Eastern Tower. As a teacher he can share secrets of many of the paths of prehuman mastery and make use of much of the ‘legacy’ of technology left in Rathess’s ruins

Ranek Dar

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