moon book

a spell book from black wall


a spell book that shows a different spell depending on the phase of the moon


the book once belonged to the solar masters of the manse in the first age.

it contains:

full: blood lash, plague of bronze snakes, magma krakan
Wanning gibbous moon: curse of slavish humility, corrupted words
Wanning half moon: open the spirit door
Waning crescent moon: summon lesser minions of eyeless face, summon minions of eyeless face
new moon: necromancy spells; banish ghost, dusk eyes, raise the skeletal horde, iron counter magic
waxing crescent moon:summon the shadow spy
waxing half moon:becoming the wood fiend, floral ferry
waxing gibbous moon: commanding presence of fire, commanding the beasts

moon book

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