orochimaru's armour


this is a set of air aligned immaculate dragon armour (wonders of the lost age page 84)
soak: 15l/13b hardness: 7L/6B mobility penalty: 0 fatigue: 1 attunement cost: 7motes

has three hearth stone sockets one must be used to power the suit with a 2 point hearth stone

filtration baffles: +2 resistance to poison and disease/1 hour of clean air

sensory visor: 1mote/min = +2 awareness 2motes/min essence sight

exomuscular fibres: doubles ground speed +2 strength

reinforced gauntlets/boots: allows user to parry lethal attacks. gives bonus to unarmed attacks

Cloaking device: 5mote/hour invisible (see page 85)

Astrological occlusion field: 5 motes 1 willpower/day +2 difficulty on divinations

integrated elemental lens: 2 uses, doubles damage from direct bolts of elemental energy, and doubles damage from conjured elemental damage.

lightening gauntlets: 2 uses direct ligtening bolt, and charged fist for close combat

essence thrust drive: allows flight


when quite young Orochimaru found this suit in his uncles house, fascinated by its ornate design and functioning he became almost obsessed with the armour. it was his love of this armour and his desire to return it to full working order that started his love of magitech.

orochimaru's armour

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