Exalted - Three Tales

Hunt To Rathass

we have been summoned to Rathass by Ranek Dar, for a hunt. we gathered our gear

logan: rope, flint and steel, food, knife, fifty arrows (20 frog crotch, 20 braod blade, 10 targeted) vira, fire lance, cooking materials

iron mountain: alchemy materials, demon wasps, chain diclave, shurikans

eyowen: clothes, stardust

we flew to rathass on the demon wasps taking two months, logan trained in dexterity and helped eowen to learn the essence judgment arrow

Search of enlightenment (find the book)

Spring Rain told Eowyen that obtaining a book known as The nightingale and the Knight that would be useful for her to improve her martial arts which of course must be mastered to achieve enlightenment. So after having IM find out the whereabouts of The nightingale and the Knight. IM, Logan and Canis accompanied the beautiful Eowyen on her quest to find this book. IM summoned some mounts for the three to ride to Grey Forks (which has lots of god-blooded as residents) which was located 1600 miles away. Each of them carried a spike of black jade to sell in the city. Their mounts had excellent fur and were strong enough to carry two armed men they carried the adventurers to Grey Forks in a week flying across the center of a very wide lake. the demon wasps were stabled outside the city walls (for 3 nights) and IM is responsible for anything that they do. Once they had entered the city Using Eowyen’s amazing bureaucratic knowledge they were able to find a reputable alchemist to sell the black Jade to. which they took 1500 silver denaras and the rest as a script which Eowyen felt was safest kept in her bodice under her buff jacket. The restaurant for lunch was left up to Logan to find who found a trully exquisite location which incorporated the outdoors, after a splendid meal which Canis spent chatting up a dog that spoke forest tongue, they purchased 4 rooms for the next 2 nights. IM then accompanied Eowyen to the bookstore where they believed the book would be found unfortunately it took a little while to find the shop and when they arrived they found someone else already haggling for The nightingale and the Knight of course Eowyen quickly stepped in and persuaded the merchant to sell the book to her for 300 denaras. on the way back to their rooms Eowyen noticed a few townspeople looking at her curiously of course it is not uncommon for Eowyen to turn a few heads.

the town of Blackwall

after the hunt of black wall i heavily invested time, effort and money in building up the fledgling town of black wall. i have helped bring settlers safely to the town and helped build some of the town infrastructure. i have also built a wood workers workshop and let it out to a local artisan. a small temple has been built to the new town goddess which is directly over the entrance to the ruins hiding it from general view. while building the town of black wall we also have repaired the manse, in response it has generated a yellow hearth stone.

The Hunt of Blackwall

While at a party at Eyowen house I over heard a rich merchant talking about his wish that there was a stop over point further down river. And that all that was needed to make it happen was for someone to kill the beast of blackwall. I asked the merchant about the beast and my desire grew more here was a hunt worthy of my name. I offered to take ewoyen and Iron mountain along for the fun. We all shipped out together and headed to blackwall. On the way we were beset by goblins which we quickly dispatched. While searching the ruins we were set upon by demonic spiders. Once again we made short work of them. But were poisoned. That night our sleep was disturbed by nightmares. we all awoke, in a strange room, we wandered out of the room into a strange ruin. we wandered the ruin and found a secure center that only those with the mark of an exalted could enter. in the secure center we found a minor goddess of this facility that has not been used since the first age. a fey of some kind was trying to break into the facility, Eyowen negotiated a settlement that allowed the fey to dispose of some dangerous materials for us and leave the place alone. in return the goddess gave us the facility, on the condition that she becomes the goddess of the town that will be built here when we killed the beast of blackwall. we left most of the salvage from the facility under the goddesses care and went out to hunt the beast. we found it down by the river bank. it turned out to be a wild mutated lunar with a lot of power. the beast was difficault to kill, but we managed to kill it. we returned with itts pelt to the city and claimed our quarter tanet of jade. i also offered my services setting up the new town.

black milk 3

We received word of a place out in the woods were some of the ingrediants of the black milk could be coming from. We set out into the woods, logan feelingvfar more at home under the trees. One night some wood spiders came to us and told us of a demon that was in the woods. We followed it to a geomanse for the demonic energies. In this manse we found another rotting tree. And a large demon. We killed the demon and burned the tree. Then waited for people to come harvest the milk. We ambushed the men and got the name of their leader before giving them to the spiders. We returned to town and reported everything to the chancellor

black milk 2

The chancellor contacted us to investigate a new substance that has found its way into the kingdom. Iron mountain and myself looked into it with both the medical guild and the slums drug dens. We found a watered down version of the black milk in both locations. We discovered that the black milk enhances essence in non essence users. We brought our results to the chancellor and he got the substance banned

black milk

While in town logan received word a writtern invitation to meet somone of import at a pub a couple of days walk from the town. Curios he ventured forth to the pub where he met a stunningly beautifal woman called eowyn, and an over dressed city boy called iron mountain. That night we were attacked in the pub. Already awake logan got the drop on the attackers and followed a trail to where eyown and iron mountain had been taken. In a clearing not far from the inn there stood a rotting tree with some fornm of cultists about to sacrifice eowyn. A fight followed and some of uthe cultists drank something which gave them great strength. Iron mountain showed his skills at martial arts. We fought the cultist and the blood ape they summoned we returned to town with the cult leader

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