Blackwall manse

Blackwall manse is our main base of operations in the east it has been separated into several different sections.

Earth Aspected, lvl 5 Manse

Eyowens rooms:
good quality bedding

Logans rooms:
a simple room to suit his tastes

Iron Mountains rooms:
has an alchemy lab set up in it

Summoning chamber:
A chamber set up by iron mountain with a demon summoning circle permanantly etched into the floor and a very sng walls and door.

kitchen/ canteen:
contains a simple kitchen with running water and two storage kegs

moon book
reality engine manual
The Black Treatise
Research Booking from manse

essence cannon (in loan to victories vanguard)
celesial armour (currently with eowyn)
scout war strider
agni and rhudra

Snake security device
Soul breaker orb

Blackwall manse

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