Eowyens pacts

Fae Pact:
we will give proto-shamantic vortaces (Completed)
you will take them straight to the nearest deep wilds without feeding on any humans on the way. and then release them into the deep wilds.

Spider Pact:
Eowyen Would create a song about the wood spiders to warn people away from their territory (completed)
they would guide us to a demon infested area and guaranteed our safety whilst in their territory for this occasion only. (completed)

Dragon King Pact
We will return within a year and a day, and Iron Mountain will try his best to produce an essence awakening substance to help the dragon kings return to enlightenment
you will provide us with a reality engine and instructions (Completed)

Lunar Pact
we will help to recover the second book for the silver tongue nightingale style
she will allow us to create copies of both books upon our return to great forks

Eowyens pacts

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