The once great first age city of Rathass is now a dangerous ruin. many of its once great marvels still partially work making it a trecherous place. With the awakening of ranek dar and the actions of some solars, a number of dragon kings have awakened their essence and are working their way towards cililization.

Also in rathess is the goblin king and his minions.
He serves the fallen god han tha. His minions have taken over the great pyramid in the center of rathass this used to be a great temple to the unconquered sun and a powerfull manse.

The goblin kings minions comprise of mutants, goblins, and dragon kings.

Rathass was built by the Dragon kings, a fallen race.

Rathass is served by a underground network of tunnels and moving rooms

places of note in rathass:
the tomb of the solars
Temple to the unquered sun
Great observatory
Rathass underground


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