The Red Iron Dojo

An Abyssal Dojo, located within an Abyssal Manse.

Sifu: The Gore Stained Sifu of Iron Rods and Rending Claws

Students include mortals, ghost-blooded, god-blooded and Abyssals.

Students here seem to be learning Hungry Ghost style (2 of the students were using the basic forms of the style).—

The Manse is located within a shadowland, this shadowland is centered around the ruins of a city, once destroyed by the Walker in Darkness. only the weed choked shells of buildings remain of the city, flocks of raitons being the only animal that seems to be abundant, and those range far from the shadowland to hunt and scavenge. The Red Iron Dojo is set atop a bleak hill, raised in place in place of the palace manse which was destroyed with the city.

There are a few ‘wild’ ghosts who dwell withing the ruins, but most present are servants, disciples or students of the The Gore Stained Sifu of Iron Rods and Rending Claws The living among his followers dwell withing the confines of the manse when present and lead a nocturnal existence. All who seek audience with the Sifumust make a blood offering at the door and speak to his Major Domo, who offers challenges on his masters behalf.

The Red Iron Dojo

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